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The Advice Animal Philosoraptor (a fusion of 'Philosopher' and 'Velociraptor') A meme picture of President Obama drinking a dark beer and giving the thumbs up. A meme that is a match for the Sexually Oblivious girlfriend - this guy is 

29 Mar 2016 WHEN YOUR MOM START DATING A BLACK GUY @davie dave hashtag ♿ from Instagram tagged as Dating. Dating, Love, and Meme: When y all been dating for 10 years and. Momma Anons give friendly advice.

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29 Sep 2015 Today a particularly mean meme is passing around about Ben Carson's wife. Get it together, black people. Black on black violence is a big problem too. As so for who I choose to listen to, & take any kind of advice from. logical sense, to somebody who is green, new, & not up-to-date on any info.

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13 Mar 2013 Memes are people too, you guys. Successful Black Man Overly Attached Girlfriend . Fun fact: that advice still works even if she's dead.